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Professional Sales Training for 1/3 the Cost

Introducing ChatGPT Sales Training Simulations for B2B & B2C Sales Teams

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Cheaper, Faster & Better Sales Training

Stop sacrificing your customers. First have your reps sell your products to an InStage GPT customer.

With InStage, mistakes are cheap & learning couldn't be faster.

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Automate Experiential Sales Training

Get your sales reps InStage in days, not months. With less than 500 words, ChatGPT learns about your products & customers.

Fresh Scenarios, Every Time

Each time your sales reps engage with InStage, a distinct customer backstory unfolds. Keep training captivating and ensure your team stays sharp, ready to tackle any sales challenge with ease.
Fresh Scenarios, Every Time

Playbook-Powered Learning

InStage incorporates a sales playbook (use ours or create your own) for each meeting, providing your reps with a clear checklist to follow and learn from. Boost their confidence and effectiveness as they internalize winning sales techniques and effortlessly steer conversations towards success.

Instant A.I. Insights & Scoring

Feedback designed to help sales reps learn fast. Was it a successful meeting or not? Did they cover the necessary topics? Ask the right questions? Give accurate information? InStage provides answers instantly.

Lightning Fast Setup & Easy Access

InStage's rapid integration process takes mere days, not weeks, streamlining your team's transition to success. Sales reps can effortlessly access simulations right in their browser (no downloads), making it incredibly easy to start honing their skills from anywhere at anytime.
Fresh Scenarios, Every Time

For sales leaders that want their reps ramped up yesterday

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    Cut Sales Roleplays
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    Cut Sales Lectures
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    Cut Shadowing
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    Mistakes are cheap InStage
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    High repetition, low cost practice
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    Extinguish product knowledge gaps

10,000+ Simulations Completed

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