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InStage for Replace Course Presentations

Revolutionize Classroom Presentations.

Engage students with AI-driven feedback on their pitches.

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Full Access to All Pro Features

Full Access to All Pro Features

Elevate Every Student Pitch.

Presentation Scenarios for Every Topic.

Presentation Scenarios for Every Topic.

From a startup pitch to a thesis defense, cater to every topic with tailored presentation scenarios.

Comprehensive Feedback Loop.

Comprehensive Feedback Loop.

Post-presentation analytics give students areas of strength and improvement.

Real-time Engagement Metrics.

Real-time Engagement Metrics.

As students present, get insights into their engagement and effectiveness.

Essential Features for Persuasive Presentations

Real-Time Audience Engagement

Capture real-time feedback and adapt your presentation on-the-fly to meet audience needs. This isn't just interaction; it's a dynamic conversation that makes every presentation a unique, impactful experience.

Comprehensive Feedback Loop

Every presentation is a lesson. Understand strengths and weaknesses in clarity, design, delivery, and more.

Customizable Presentation Scenarios

Whether it's for a board meeting, a classroom, or a conference, tailor the presentation scenario to fit the need.

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