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InStage for Recurring Sales Rep Training

Continuous Sales Excellence.

Level-up sales skills with regular training simulations.

No Credit Card Required

No Credit Card Required

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

Full Access to All Pro Features

Full Access to All Pro Features

Never Stop Growing.

Performance Analytics.

Performance Analytics.

Understand rep performance trends and areas for growth with regular feedback.

Adapting to Market Changes.

Adapting to Market Changes.

As markets change, so do customers. Stay ahead with updated simulations.

Regular Skill Refinement.

Regular Skill Refinement.

With consistent training, keep refining and expanding sales techniques.

Key Features for Sales Excellence

Diverse Roleplay Scenarios

From SaaS sales to retail, practice in multiple domains, equipping sales reps for any industry.

What are you selling?*

Realistic AI-driven Customer Interactions

Simulate genuine customer conversations, refining the approach for every type of customer.

Actionable Sales Feedback

Not just what went wrong, but how to make it right. Improve with every roleplay.

How to Deploy InStage


Start a free team trial and try it yourself. (10 min)


Launch a mini pilot using your trial account. Simply share a simulation link to small group (up to 10) of team members.


Talk to our sales team and configure a plan that fits your organization.

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