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Custom InStage Simulations

Specialized Speaking Simulations, Tailored for You.

Collaborate with us to develop specialized simulations for your unique training needs.

No Credit Card Required

No Credit Card Required

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

Full Access to All Pro Features

Full Access to All Pro Features

Bespoke Solutions for Complex Challenges.

Seamless Integration.

Seamless Integration.

Your custom simulations integrate effortlessly into your existing training programs.

Focused Adaptability.

Focused Adaptability.

We adapt existing simulation frameworks to align with your specialized requirements.

Collaborative Design.

Collaborative Design.

Work closely with our team to define the objectives and key elements of your custom speaking simulations.

Features Tailored for You

AI-Driven Questioning Mechanism

Our sophisticated AI doesn’t just listen; it actively engages. As users speak, the AI evaluates their content and poses relevant questions. This simulates real-world audience interactions, refining users' ability to think and respond in real-time.

Enhanced Realism for Better Retention

InStage's AI-driven simulations provide a leap in authenticity compared to traditional roleplaying. Trainees are immersed in lifelike scenarios, improving engagement and retention. When trainees believe in the reality of their practice, they're more likely to recall and apply their skills in real-world situations.

Data-Driven Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Moving beyond subjective feedback, InStage offers objective, data-backed insights into each training session. This means trainees receive consistent, actionable feedback, pinpointing areas of strength and those needing enhancement. Trainers can also use this data to adapt and evolve their programs, ensuring they always deliver top-tier content.

How to Deploy InStage


Start a free team trial and try it yourself. (10 min)


Launch a mini pilot using your trial account. Simply share a simulation link to small group (up to 10) of team members.


Talk to our sales team and configure a plan that fits your organization.

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