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Full Access to All Pro Features

Why InStage is Essential for Co-op & WIL Programs.

Enhancing Interview Confidence and Competency

Enhancing Interview Confidence and Competency

The transition from classroom to workplace is pivotal. Our platform's adaptive AI interviewers and real-time analytics ensure students not only practice but also understand their areas of improvement, fostering both confidence and capability as they step into their co-op roles.

Scalability for Diverse Work Placements

Scalability for Diverse Work Placements

Whether your institution caters to hundreds or thousands of students across diverse industries, our platform effortlessly scales. By automating the interview simulation process, we eliminate logistical nightmares, ensuring every student gets an equal shot at honing their interview skills.

Precision-Matched Mock Interviews

Precision-Matched Mock Interviews

Co-op and WIL roles are as varied as they are numerous. InStage uses real job postings to craft interviews that are intricately tailored to the demands of each role, ensuring students are optimally prepared for the specific positions they aspire to.

Distinguishing Features for Co-op & WIL Program Facilitators

Adaptive AI Interviewer

Our platform seamlessly translates job postings into mock interviews. By understanding the nuances and expectations of each role, it offers students an unmatched preparation experience, reflecting the specific demands of their targeted co-op positions.

Natural Conversational Flow

Real interviews aren't scripted, and neither are ours. Students benefit from engaging in genuine, flowing conversations with our AI, refining their ability to think on their feet and respond effectively in dynamic interview situations.

Comprehensive Interview Analytics

Post-interview insights provide students with a roadmap for refinement. With detailed metrics on response quality and timing, students are empowered to target their preparation and continually advance their interview prowess.

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