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Full Access to All Pro Features

Full Access to All Pro Features

Empowering Universities with Next-Gen Interview Preparation.

Tailored Interviews from Real Job Posts

Tailored Interviews from Real Job Posts

Generic mock interviews can only go so far. We raise the bar by allowing students to submit actual job postings. Our platform then crafts a bespoke mock interview based on that specific post, ensuring targeted and relevant practice that mirrors real-world expectations.

Eliminate Logistical Hassles

Eliminate Logistical Hassles

Forget the intricacies of scheduling and setting up rooms. By offering a platform where students can practice anytime, we're eliminating the barriers and making the mock interview process efficient and user-centric.

Empower Students with 24/7 Access

Empower Students with 24/7 Access

Time constraints are a thing of the past. Our platform allows students the flexibility to practice mock interviews at any hour. Whether they're night owls or early birds, they can now prepare for their dream jobs on their own terms.

Features Tailored for Career Services in Higher Ed

Adaptive AI Interviewer

Beyond just creating mock interviews from job posts, our AI understands the nuances of each role, adjusting its questioning style and depth accordingly. This provides students with a dynamic and realistic interviewing experience that truly prepares them for the actual process.

Natural Conversational Flow

With the power of advanced AI, our mock interviews emulate genuine human interaction. Instead of static, pre-set questions, students engage in a flowing conversation, honing their skills in a setting that mirrors real interview dynamics and challenges.

Comprehensive Interview Analytics

Post-interview, students can dive deep into their performance metrics. From response times to quality of answers, our analytics offer a granular perspective, empowering students to identify areas of strength and potential growth, guiding their preparation efforts.

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